Balanced Solutions

Let’s work together to bring your IT environment into balance.

We help local businesses walk peacefully through their IT world. Together we will calmly navigate your IT needs finding a balance between return on investment, total cost of ownership, ease of use and ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Over the years we have found that with the right amount of due diligence our clients have the information they need to make truly informed decisions and in turn they feel empowered by their IT.

What's in it for you?

Imagine IT solutions that are built for your specific need! Being vender agnostic (We don't have vendor relationships that sway our solutions) we deliver sound solutions at an affordable rate, while standing by the three "E"s below.


Calm and Composed

We truly believe in approaching all aspects of life with equanimity; mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.



Simple and Graceful

We want our clients to own their IT solutions, that's why we architect elegant solutions that are backed by deliverables that are easy to understand and implement. We help our clients help themselves.



Balanced and Fair

Ethical solutions ensure human rights, the environment, community impact, total cost of ownership, upgradability and open-source options are all taken into consideration during the decision making process.

Professional Services

IT Support

Why make things more difficult than they need to be? Our clients’ minds rest at ease knowing we are truly there for their IT needs, either onsite (in Greater Victoria, BC) or by remote support. Read more…

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