What an ambiguous way of saying we help creating IT Road Maps for our clients. Solutions Design can be anything from mapping out a purchasing plan for new hardware, mapping out a full blown software change from one vendor to another, to mapping out the next five years of an IT Strategy… and really, anything and everything in between. As Solutions Architects, we provide detailed explanations to our clients that truly help them make informed decisions about their next phase, year, purchase, etc. It’s not enough to make a simple suggestion because “suggestions” don’t instill confidence in the decision-making process, we need to know why… Why are we buying a Mac instead of a Dell, why are we moving to Office 365 instead of GSuite, why are we going bald at the age of 41? A proper solution design will give you the answers so when the time comes, and it will come, when you are faced with an invoice from a vendor, you can feel confident (maybe even with a sense of ease) knowing what you are paying for.

Our aim is to always provide elegant solutions that resolve our clients’ needs, fit in their budget, and bring more harmony to their IT environment.